Professional Development PH or ProfDev.PH is an online portal for continuing professional development in the Philippines started in 2017. The portal was created to serve as a central repository for CPE course listings and online courses where Filipino professionals can earn units required for license renewal. Both free and paid courses are listed in the CPE course directory according to profession.

The portal administrator welcomes course listings and online course submissions from CPE providers, both offering formal CPE course updates – seminars and trainings – and lifelong learning opportunities. Interested individuals or organizations can get in touch with the administrator.

CPD for All

CPD for All is a program initiated by ProfDev.PH to provide free continuing professional development courses to Filipino professionals by setting up a platform for CPD content creators to offer courses for free.

If you are a course content creator and would want to offer courses for free, and earn CPD units for creating courses, please contact the portal administrator at

Maximum Creditable Units for Self-directed Learning

ProfDev.PH, through its CPD for All initiative, believes that in order to provide affordable, if not free, continuing education courses to professionals, emphasis on self-directed learning should be recognized as a way to deliver non-traditional CPD courses where both course creators and participants will benefit and earn CPD units. Some professionals might think requiring CPD units before license renewal is a burden financially, but by empowering self-directed track, we empower ordinary Filipino professionals to attain professional growth without worrying too much on cost.