Nursing Informatics Innovation Grant

The Nursing Informatics Innovation Grant is a technical and monetary grant awarded to nurse innovators, whether students in the undergraduate or graduate level, nurse researchers and educators in the academic community, or practicing nurses. This grant is provided for by ProfDev.PH to promote innovations in nursing by offering technical support, such as application development and server infrastructure, and monetary grant to improve the state of nursing and nursing informatics in the Philippines through nurse innovations.

The Nursing Informatics Innovation Grant is offered in partnership with the Open Nursing Information System (Open-NIS) Project. Application systems created for the grant is based on the Open Standards for WordPress in Healthcare, or any standard or framework developed by the Open-NIS collaborative project.

For fiscal year 2019, a monetary grant of P 4,000 is included, in addition to the application development and technical infrastructure grant.

To qualify for the Nursing Informatics Innovation Grant, either one of the requirements below should be met:

  • The primary investigator of the research study should be based in the Philippines, or have a co-investigator who is based in the Philippines. The research topic of interest should focus on nursing informatics, and must have direct impact to healthcare delivery in the Philippines.
  • The nurse educator applying for the grant should be currently teaching nursing informatics in a college or university based in the Philippines, or have a collaborator who is a nurse educator teaching nursing informatics and based in the Philippines.
  • The professional nurse should be residing and practicing in the Philippines, and be based in the hospital or clinical setting.
  • For a student applying for the grant, he/she must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate nursing program in a college or university based in the Philippines, and whose research topic is in the field of nursing informatics.

Technical support aid from the Nursing Informatics Innovation Grant may include the following:

  1. Informational website for academic or research purposes; or
  2. Content management system or web application where the educator, researcher and the research participants will be able to submit entries and update the contents of the website or web application.
  3. Application development and web hosting will be provided for by ProfDev.PH.

To apply for the Nursing Informatics Innovation Grant, please fill out the form below.

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